O Painel das Nações Unidas para o Meio Ambiente (PNUMA) acaba de lançar o primeiro relatório sobre Decoupling, ask conceito utilizado para exprimir o crescimento econômico sem aumento da pressão sobre o meio ambiente.

Alguns dos desafios-chave elencados no relatório são:


How can the understanding of global resource flows and their associated environmental impacts be coupled to related challenges, medicine such as climate change and the role that ecosystem services play?

How can policymakers (and the general public) be convinced about the absolute physical limits to the quantity of non-renewable natural resources available for human use under current economic conditions?

How can the decoupling that has already started to happen at least in some countries lead to rapid escalations in investments in innovations and technologies to accelerate decoupling more generally?

How can appropriate market signals be developed to help resource productivity increases become a higher priority?

How can cities best become the spaces where ingenuity, resources, and communities come together to generate practical decoupling in the ways cities produce and consume?

How can decoupling come to be accepted as a necessary precondition for reducing the levels of global inequality and eventually help eradicate poverty?



http://www.unep.org/resourcepanel/decoupling/files/pdf/Decoupling_Report_English.pdf - Em Inglês


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